Thursday, November 24, 2011

Please support Li, Li, Li! reading storybooks in Haiti's tent camps

While we are giving thanks for family, friends, home, & country, let us also give thanks for our capacity  to love, feel compassion and our ability to act on our concerns for others -- here and abroad.

Our trained teams of readers continue to read storybooks in 25 tent camps per week, reaching more than 3,000 children per month. Li, Li, Li! brings joy, stimulates imagination, ignites hope, and models literacy and the power and diversity of books. And, while cholera continues to rage and take lives, we brief children, and their families, on precautions and treatment.

Please continue to support  the unique and empowering work of Li, Li, Li! Read. Please donate today. Your gift of $25 or more will make a difference. Donate through our secure Paypal button.

See friend of Li, Li, Li! Samantha Black's appeal letter at