Partnership with U.S. Schools & Families

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Li, Li, Li! has received children's books, children's art, poem, puppets and donations from schools demonstrating their concern, support and friendship for Haiti's children living in tent camps since the January 12, 2010 earthquake: P.S. 154, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, Kids by the Sea, Long Beach, New York, Onteora Middle School, Cahill Elementary School, and Highland Park Elementary School in Roanoke, Virginia.

December 2010, at the invitation of parent Connie Walsh, Li, Li, Li! visited Public School 154 in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, to talk to the 3rd graders of Mr. Greller's class about Haiti and Li, Li, Li! Caitlin read the Li, Li, Li! storybook for children written by Caitlin Karshan and Michelle Karshan. After hearing the storybook, a slideshow and a question and answer period, children signed their names and drew messages of friendship and solidarity with the children of Haiti to be shared with children at the Li, Li, Li! reading sessions in tent camps in Haiti.


@ 2010 Connie Walsh

@ 2010 Michelle Karshan

@ 2010 Michelle Karshan


The Nightingale-Bamford School

PS 148 (Classes 303 & 301), Queens, New York

P.S. 154, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Kids by the Sea, Long Beach, New York

Onteora Middle School/Jill Olesker

Cahill Elementary School

Concerned elementary students at Highland Park Elementary School in Roanoke, VA